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Friday, 19 December 2008


halo people! ;) hehe..finally i got the chance to blog again..haha..my CA has ended and im currently enjoying my 3weeks of hols working and going out as well..I would say that my 2weeks of CA was a great and fulfilling one that i'll nvr forget.. =) hehe..only Vicky will understand..hehe..
but anw,managed to meet up with yipei,ming ming,xin yi,simon,ming ci and vicky and we went to Sentosa! super long nvr go le..everyone of us were playing and enjoying ourselves lots on that day..just go read up on some of the post and u'll know..haha..I truly had a great time with u guys! Hope to have more gathering soon,people! =-)
haha..so now im baq in sch again to use the com as vicky told me that there're some assignments coming up that are needed to be handed up once sch starts..and also,i can check my CT results..haha..I would say Im happy with my results..Cox I dunn expect too much from this CT..So I'll try my best for the term2 exam.. =)
Hmm..have been hanging out kinda often with "friday" and its always nice being with u.. =)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hmm..Common Test is just nxt week and Im kinda worried..Cox as usual..Haven prepared and studied yet..As I was sick for the past one week and was feeling restless and lethargic all the while..So guess I have to start fast before Im lagged behind..
Anw, was happy to see my senior Liling today in sch after so long..haha..so miss her sia..Hope i'll be able to meet up with her one of these days aft the CT to hang out and chat chat with her..hehehe... =P
And I really miss all my 512 friends man... ..Guess by this time, Zhuang wei is already serving his NS..Wish him all the best..
And hope that Vicky will get well soon before CT comes nxt week..Take care, Vicky! ;)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Good and Sad News...

At last..i've finished my individual assignment and NSL practical test today..I would say im happy about the completion of my individual assignment though it was kinda rushing..And am glad that I've cleared my NSL skills though I know I didnt perform the best as I was super nervous and trembling when the instructor start asking me qns that I have so many question marks on..Though I got the skill I wanna perform which is the Blood Glucose Monitoring,but the moment the teacher start bombing me with questions, from having confident on the skills dropped to zero confident..When I went out of the lab then I rmb that there was super lots of points I didnt mention..But nvm la..glad that everything is over..
Another one more week will be my study week and common test week already..Its like so fast la..and im going for CA from 1st-12th Dec..Have check out my working roster and am happy but sad at the same time..Happy is becox I'm working the same shift as "Friday"..But sad that on thurs(04/11) im on afternoon shift..which means that i'll only finshed work at 9pm..So am wondering how am I going to the airport straight to welcome Simon baq..haha..but no worries..have asked my frenz and they say from outram mrt to changi airport takes about 30mins..So hopefully I can rushed there in time.. =)
Alright..Thats about it..Shall go home soon and rest..Has not been having ample sleep and rest for the past 4days..Sianz..But shall continue to persevere and hopefully things will go just well..take care! ;)

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Missing everyone!!! =)

Im baq to the sch library once again after my pharmacology lecture..Actually intended to do some reserach on 2 different modules today.. but end up, i forgot to bring the stuffs that i need..hehe..
Anw, have been looking through some of my very long lost contact fren's blog(Sista stan ,simon & more) and i truly miss them lots man..Sch has kinda been stress for me..though i dunn really express it out..Im really trying hard to catch and understand wat the lecturers are trying to say, but sometimes, things dunn go ur way..nevertheless, I guess i must still continue to buck up..And I will... I hope... ...
Moreover,test and worksheets are given almost everyday..its like u've really got to study and there's no time to slack at all..and those who knows me,u know my patttern rite..if got test, i'll sure have to study and i'll take it seriously..So where got time to really rest and slow down my pace..aiya..so just one word to describe and its "STRESS"!
Hmm...Saw simon's blog and saw the photos of 512 taken on the very last day of sch just makes me missed each and everyone of them even more..Thinking baq of us sitting together in the class, listening and laughing in the middle of the lesson, with richmond sitting beside me....hahaha..So memorable..I really wonder how's richmond..I hope everything is ok for him..So missed his laughter and "ANGER BOOK"..hehehe..
Well, i've finished my re-taking of "O level" eng paper..Im not sure if i can make it this time..But i really do hope I will..So will not think so much since its over..
And ya! my next CA posting will be at SGH again..from 1st Dec to 12th Dec..Hopefully on 4th Dec i'll be on morning shift..so that i can go fetch simon baq at the airport..
Waiting for ur arrival, Simon! =)

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Hi people..So sorry for not updating my bllog for sooOooo long..I no longer can get into internet access anymore at home,which explains for my 3 months of M.I.A on MSN as well as blog..So sorry..hehe..But anw, i'll try my best to update as much as I can using the sch lib com if im free..Cox right now im really packed with sch, work and the upcoming projs thats really squeezing me up into dried orange??? hahaha! =D the description seems funnie..But nvm..im sure u guys will understand rite?
haha..and by the way, so sorry to those who've tagged me in my blog..so glad that u guys are still so concern anout me..so sorry for not being able to reply u..so i'll take some time to thank u guys..
Simon: Thanks alot, simon..Im doing fine rite now and i hope u are too over at melbourne..XCant wait for dec 04 to arrive and i'll be there to welcome u back..Till we meet, take care! ;)
Ruby: I miss you lots man, rups! =) everything for me had been okay i supposed..I hope u're enjoying sch too and stay cheerful ok? hehehe.. =P
Cindy: Thanks for the griller treat! I was really happy to be able to meet up with u for lunch the other day..Hope to meet up with u soon, za bo! xD
Cher young: haha..such a coincidence! dunn come disturb me nxt time if im working..haha..
haha..thats about all..anw,im doing kinda fine in sch..I hope those who're studying too will also be having a great time in ur own respective sch..will be re-taking my private O level eng on nxt tues(21/10)..hope i can pass this time round..And i miss my 3 sistas' alot..Stan,galvin and walla! xD
And yes! its my nephew and cousin birthday today! gonna go to my nephew's place tonight to celebrate with him..hehe..So excited man! =D
kkz la..gotta go to class soon..better stop now..hehe..if not i guess i wont wanna leave the screen..hehe..miss you,people! take care! =)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Its nice to be able to blog again...

Halo guys! =)
It has beeen a long time since i last posted on my updates..maybe u guys won't even realise this post, but its alright..anw, it has been a month plus since i last updated and im only using it now because im currently baq in sch specially just to use the com..As i have to check on my CA updates for nxt week before i go for my attachment..
So wat i can say is i've been really busy working for the past 3weeks and i will still be for the rest of the weeks..So yup..I wont go too much in detail about my work..but if u can understand the next sentence..u'll know how's everything for me..All i can say is i spent more than half of the day working and the only thing i do at home is sleep and bath and off to work..the worst thing was that i can also work till the expense of not seeing my dad for 5days..how bad is that...Alright..promised not to say much and i will stop..this week will be working a total of 63hrs..including today..I'll be working at 3pm-11pm..so after this blogging,im going to go home and get myself prepared..So this might be my only and last most updated post..
Nevertheless...I still hope that everything will be alright and fine.. take care! =)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

end of week...

Started work at 10am today..As usual,ate breakfast with my mum first and off I go to work..So coincidently,met Chu ern and her mum in the bus and they were going to tiong too..haha..So chatted for quite a while..So glad to see her man..its like super super long i've not met up with her..And really miss hanging and chatting with her too,like how we used to during secondary sch days..haha..So I told her will contact her after her major A level exams is over..which will only be in 28nov..like super long la..hahaha..but nvm..at least she can concentrate on her studies first which is more important.. =)
Good Luck to u, Chu Ern..Dunn stress too much ar!!! xD
Anw..sad sia..tml no aerobics..worst still..my senior last min say there wont be aerobics anymore until exam ends..I was like..sianz....So demoralizing la..Nvm la..think I'll just use this time to study then..hehe..kkz la..gtg sleep liao..quite tired aft working..
NightY Nighty! ;p